Dream Fluoride Gel


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Enjoy Maximum Protection with Closer Enamel Adherence

Experience the power of Dream Fluoride Gel by 3D Dental, an economical and time-efficient solution for fluoride treatment. Our gel, enriched with 1.23% fluoride ion, works wonders in just 60 seconds. Its low pH ensures maximum fluoride uptake, while its improved thixotropic properties enable closer adherence to enamel and interproximal areas. Say goodbye to gagging, as our gel thickens during treatment. With a range of delightful flavours, it leaves no bitter aftertaste, ensuring optimized patient comfort. Give your smile the care it deserves with Dream Fluoride Gel.


  • Fluoride Concentration: 1.23%
  • Treatment Time: 60 seconds
  • Adherence: Close adherence to enamel and interproximal areas
  • Gagging Prevention: Gel thickens during treatment
  • Aftertaste: No bitter aftertaste
  • Flavour Options: Multiple flavours available

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