Dual Arch Fluoride Trays

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The Dual Arch Fluoride Trays are designed to provide an efficient and comfortable solution for fluoride treatments. These trays are constructed from soft foam material, ensuring a comfortable fit during treatments. Their I-beam style design allows them to conform readily to most arch shapes, enhancing patient comfort and treatment effectiveness. Compared to other trays, they require less fluoride, making them an economical choice for dental professionals. Each tray measures 5 inches in length, and they can be easily trimmed to a custom length as needed, ensuring a precise fit for each patient.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile 5-inch long trays
  • Customizable - Can be easily trimmed to the desired length
  • Constructed from soft foam for patient comfort
  • I-beam style design conforms to most arch shapes
  • Requires less fluoride compared to other trays
  • Allows for simultaneous treatment of both arches

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