Dura-Green® Stones, HP

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Achieve exceptional contouring and finishing results with Dura-Green Stones. These stones excel in providing fast and precise contouring for dental restorations. For surface characterization and adjusting intricate details, Dura-Green Fine Stones are the perfect choice. Trust in the quality and versatility of Dura-Green Stones for efficient and precise dental work. Elevate your dental procedures with these reliable and effective stones.

  • These stones are designed to be long-lasting, ensuring fast and efficient cutting while maintaining consistent concentric motion.
  • From composites to amalgams, precious alloys to non-precious alloys, and even porcelains, Dura-Green Stones are versatile and suitable for a wide range of dental materials.
  • Trust in the reliability and precision of Dura-Green Stones for superior contouring, finishing, and adjustment in your dental procedures.

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