EDTA Solution 17%

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Efficient Chelation and Dentin Decalcification!

The 17% solution of EDTA, meticulously buffered to maintain a neutral pH, serves as an invaluable aid in the instrumentation of root canals. Functioning as a potent calcium binding or chelating agent, EDTA proves its efficacy in this realm. By effectively decalcifying the dentin surface on the canal wall, it significantly simplifies the process of enlarging and shaping the canal using files and reamers.

With its precise formulation, this EDTA solution provides dental professionals with a valuable tool for achieving optimal results in root canal procedures.


  • Powerful chelating agent for enhanced efficacy.
  • Decalcifies canal walls, facilitating easier enlargement and shaping using files and reamers.
  • Buffered to a neutral pH for optimal performance.


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