Embrace Varnish Tube, 12mL

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Embrace Varnish: Empowering Sensitivity Relief with Advanced Formulation!

Introducing Embrace Varnish, a fluoride-containing resin-based varnish formulated with a comprehensive blend of key ingredients. This professional-grade treatment addresses dental hypersensitivity when applied to enamel or dentin. Embrace Varnish effectively combats hypersensitivity by releasing fluoride, calcium, and phosphorus ions, which precipitate and seal dentinal tubules while filling superficial enamel lesions that are non-carious.

The inclusion of CXP, Xylitol-coated Calcium, and Phosphate guarantees an unparalleled fluoride release. Embrace Varnish utilizes a permeable resin matrix that maintains the integrity of the formulation, preventing separation.


  • Bioavailable calcium, phosphate, and fluoride components
  • Ensures consistent and reliable dosage delivery
  • Enjoyable taste for enhanced patient comfort


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