Embrace Wetbond Resin Cement

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Embrace Resin Cement: Empowering Bonding with Moisture-Friendly Innovation!

Introducing Embrace Resin Cement, the groundbreaking self-adhesive solution that revolutionizes dental bonding. Unlike traditional glass ionomers, Embrace is a moisture-friendly, ionic resin designed to establish strong bonds even in slightly moist tooth conditions. With its exceptional compatibility in the oral environment, Embrace forms reliable chemical bonds to various dental substrates such as dentin, enamel, metals, ceramics, composites, and fiber posts. While bonding agents are optional, Embrace does not require additional etching or drying of dentin, ensuring a hassle-free application process.

Included in the Automix Syringe Kit are 7g of Embrace Resin Cement, 20 convenient tips for precise application, and 1.2ml of Seal-N-Shine for a perfect finishing touch.


  • Embrace Resin Cement is gentle and non-irritating, providing enhanced patient comfort during application.
  • Offering exceptional adhesion, Embrace eliminates the need for separate bonding agents, streamlining the dental bonding procedure.
  • By bypassing the steps of etching and drying dentin, Embrace simplifies the process while delivering a superior seal against microleakage.

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