Embrace WetBond Seal-n-Shine

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Embrace WetBond Seal-n-Shine: Embrace the Brilliance, Seal with Confidence!

Introducing Embrace WetBond Seal-n-Shine, a specialized moist-bonding resin engineered for the sealing, finishing, and polishing of composite restorations. This remarkable product combines exceptional sealing capabilities and abrasion resistance with the ability to create a glossy, high-quality finish. Seal-n-Shine utilizes the cutting-edge Resin Acid-Integrating Network (R.A.I.N.), a hydrophilic formulation exclusive to Embrace technology. Through chemical and mechanical bonding, it securely adheres to tooth structure and composite materials even in the presence of moisture, ensuring strong connections to dentin, enamel, and a margin-free restoration.


  • Effective penetration and sealing of porosities and cracks within composites, including margin sealing.
  • Enables efficient finishing and polishing of composite restorations, etched or abraded ceramic restorations, and acrylic temporary crowns.
  • Solvent-free formulation eliminates the need for solvent mixing or adding other modifiers.


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