Endo Irrigation Needles

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Root Canals Made Easier with Endo Irrigation Needles

Our range of Endo Irrigation Needles and Syringes can be found in 3cc syringes, each equipped with color coding for easy identification. The Needles come in two configurations: Single Side Vent or Half Cut. They feature advanced Luer Lock and Luer Hub mechanisms, as well as rounded and notched tips designed specifically to safeguard tooth structure.

These needles offer a unique advantage for delicate and efficient application during root canal procedures and in periodontal pockets. Their small diameter and flexibility ensure both patient comfort and the ability to navigate through narrow and curved canals with ease.

In comparison to leading brands of Endo Irrigation Syringes, our product stands out due to its significantly lower price, while maintaining the same level of quality and effectiveness.


  • Gentle and effective application in root canal procedures and periodontal pockets
  • Small diameter and flexibility for patient comfort and accessibility in narrow and curved canals
  • Color-coded syringes for easy identification
  • Great value for high-quality dental care

Product Details:

  • Packaging: 100 per Bag 

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