Etch-Rite Dental Etching Gel

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Etch-Rite: Precision Etching, Residue-Free Results!

Pulpdent's Etch-Rite, an exceptional dental etching gel meticulously formulated to provide optimal working and handling characteristics. This advanced formula ensures that the gel stays in place without running onto exposed tissue and can be effortlessly washed off, leaving behind no residue.

Kit: Includes 4 syringes, each containing 1.2 ml of Etch-Rite, and 8 pre-bent tips for easy application.

Jumbo Kit: Consists of 2 large syringes, each containing 25 ml of Etch-Rite, along with 5 empty syringes of 3 ml each and 50 tips for versatile usage.


  • Thixotropic formulation: Maintains a stable consistency, preventing unwanted running.
  • Residue-free: Leaves no trace or residue after rinsing, ensuring a clean finish.
  • Rapid etching: Requires only 15 seconds for effective etching.
  • Convenient syringe dispensing: Allows for precise and controlled application.
  • Accurate placement: Utilize our small-gauge pre-bent applicator tips for precise placement in challenging areas.


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