Ethilon Black Monofilament Sutures

EthiconSKU: 669H

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This is a sterile, surgical suture that is non-absorbable. It's a monofilament thread made from the long-chain, aliphatic polymers, Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6. The Ethilon suture is dyed black to enhance its visibility when used in tissue.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from Nylon: The suture is composed of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6, making it durable and reliable.
  • Non-Absorbable: This feature ensures that the suture does not dissolve or get absorbed into the body over time.
  • Sterile: Being sterile makes it safe for surgical use as it minimizes the risk of infection.
  • Black Dye: The suture is dyed black to enhance visibility, making it easier for surgeons to work with in tissue.
  • Reverse Cutting: This feature allows for smoother penetration through tissues with minimal tearing.

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