EXA Advanced Impression Material

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EXA Advanced VPS Impression materials are renowned for their superior handling, accuracy, thixotropicity, elastic recovery, stackability, and pourability. The high hydrophilicity of these materials ensures uniform flow, eliminating voids and capturing details with precision. EXA materials exhibit virtually no shrinkage and offer remarkable dimensional stability, allowing an accurate model to be poured up to two weeks after the impression has been taken.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional handling and accuracy.
  • No shrinkage, ensuring dimensional stability.
  • Available in both Fast Set and Normal Set.
  • Comes in two packages: a 2 Pack with 2 x 48 ml Cartridges and 6 x Mixing tips, and a Value Pack with 8 x 48 ml Cartridges and 24 x Mixing tips.

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