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The strength of Flexi-Flow is derived from its unique particle and density size, which effectively displaces oxygen from the matrices. It utilizes a combination of high-density large particles and low-density small particles to create a highly compressive and efficient composite. The matrix of Flexi-Flow, fortified by the cohesive strength of titanium, lanthanide, and silica, prevents the post-to-dentin interface from deteriorating. You can trust Flexi-Flow to preserve the strength inherent in natural tooth structure.

The Flexi-Flow Auto E package includes: 4.5 g Base, 4.5 g Catalyst, 20 Mixing Tips, 20 Intra-Oral Tips. The Flexi-Flow Set package includes: 9 g Base, 9 g Catalyst, 50 Disposable Spatulas, 50 Sheet Mixing Pad.

Features and Benefits

  • Reinforced with Titanium and Lanthanide
  • Chemically bonds with composite core buildup material
  • Creates a homogeneous mass for solid core build-up

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