G.I. CX-Plus Luting Cement, 35 g Powder Refill

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Engineered with an extended working time, CX-Plus allows for meticulous placement and adjustments, ensuring optimal outcomes when cementing crowns, inlays, long-span bridges, and orthodontic appliances. Elevate your restorative procedures with CX-Plus, the trusted choice for reliable and long-lasting dental cementation.


  • Provides an extended working time with consistent viscosity, allowing for precise placement and adjustments without compromising the quality of the cement.
  • Boasts a low film thickness of only 20 microns, ensuring a precise fit and minimizing any potential interference with restorations.
  • Exhibits a high compressive strength of 177 MPa, ensuring long-term stability and durability for reliable cementation of crowns, inlays, long-span bridges, and orthodontic appliances.
  • Forms strong bonds to both dentin and enamel, creating an excellent marginal seal to prevent microleakage and enhance the longevity of restorations.
  • Delivers a high fluoride release, promoting improved dental health and protection against decay.
  • Offers exceptional radiopacity, facilitating clear and accurate radiographic imaging for precise diagnostics.


    Package Quantity:1/Pkg
    Size:35 g Bottle


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