G.I. CX-Plus Luting Cement Triple Kit

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CX-Plus is an exceptional glass ionomer luting cement designed to elevate dental procedures with its extended working time, allowing for meticulous application and precise placement. Its versatile range of indications encompasses the secure cementation of crowns, inlays, long-span bridges, and orthodontic appliances, ensuring reliable and durable adhesion for a variety of restorative and orthodontic treatments. With CX-Plus, dental professionals can confidently rely on its enhanced formulation to deliver optimal results and meet the diverse needs of their patients.
  • CX-Plus boasts an impressive feature of prolonged working time without experiencing any alteration in its viscosity, ensuring that dental professionals have ample time for precise application and placement.
  • With a remarkably low film thickness of only 20 microns, CX-Plus facilitates seamless fitting of restorative components while maintaining optimal aesthetics and patient comfort.
  • Demonstrating exceptional strength, CX-Plus exhibits a high compressive strength of 177 MPa, guaranteeing long-lasting and durable adhesion for various dental prostheses.
  • This advanced luting cement establishes robust bonds to both dentin and enamel, resulting in an exceptional marginal seal that minimizes the risk of microleakage and enhances the overall longevity of the restoration.
  • CX-Plus excels in its ability to release high levels of fluoride, aiding in the prevention of dental caries and promoting the maintenance of oral health. Furthermore, its radiopacity ensures easy identification during radiographic imaging, enabling accurate diagnosis and monitoring.
  • CX-Plus sets itself apart with its user-friendly attributes, including easy mixing and handling, providing dental professionals with effortless and efficient application. Additionally, its resistance to water contamination at the initial stage ensures consistent and reliable results, even in challenging clinical environments.


Contains: 3 (35 g) powder, 3 (17 ml) liquid, 1 mixing pad, 1 spatula, 1 dispenser and instructions
Package Quantity: 1/Pkg

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