GC Fuji Automix LC

GC AmericaSKU: 444001

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GC Fuji Automix LC is a high-fluoride releasing, radiopaque resin-reinforced glass ionomer that comes in a user-friendly delivery system. This versatile material is perfect for the restoration of primary teeth, permanent class III and V restorations, core build up, and can also be used as a base or liner under composite restorations. The ergonomic dispenser allows for easy dispensing directly into the cavity.

Features and Benefits

  • Bioactive material with high fluoride release
  • Rechargeable fluoride release
  • No requirement for Etchant and Adhesive, simplifying the process
  • High bond strength even in the presence of saliva
  • Excellent esthetics and polishability
  • Minimal post-operative sensitivity

The Starter Kit includes a 14.9 g Cartridge, 20 Automix Tips, Paste Pak Dispenser II, and a 5.7 ml Cavity Conditioner Set. The set comes with a 14.9 g Cartridge and 20 Automix Tips.

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