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GC Fuji II LC is characterized by its smaller glass particles, which contribute to a higher density and ensure a smoother, glossier, and more aesthetically pleasing finish. This harder material provides superior abrasion resistance, ensuring that the restoration maintains a brilliant, discoloration-free surface finish for a longer period. The Light Shades Assorted Package (9537412) includes 24 Capsules; 5 each of: A1, A2, A3, B2; 4 of C2 (per capsule 0.10 ml). The Dark Shades Assorted Package (9537413) contains 24 Capsules; 5 each of: A3.5, A4, B3, B4; 4 of C4 (per capsule 0.10 ml). The 1:1 Package includes 15 g Powder, 6.8 ml Liquid, a Mixing Pad, and a Measuring Scoop.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced density for durability
  • Smoother and glossier finish for aesthetic appeal

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