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GC Fuji ORTHO LC Automix (for brackets) and GC Fuji ORTHO BAND LC Automix are innovative orthodontic glass ionomer adhesives that are resin-reinforced and light-cured. They come in convenient automix paste paks for easy use. These products, along with the GC ORTHO Gel Conditioner, a 20% polyacrylic acid designed to mildly condition enamel, have simplified the bonding of metal or ceramic brackets or bands, attachments, and acrylic appliances. The Fuji ORTHO LC Paste Pak Automix Set includes a Paste Pak Cartridge 13.3g (7.2m L), 20 GC Mixing Tip SL for LC, 2 Ortho Gel Conditioner 1.4g (1.2m L), and 15 Brush Tip. The Fuji ORTHO LC Paste Pak Automix Refill contains 2 Paste Pak Cartridge SL 13.3g (7.2m L). The Fuji ORTHO BAND LC Paste Pak includes 2 Paste Pak Cartridge SL 12.9g (7.2m L) and a Mixing Pad No. 22. The GC Mixing Tips SL for LC package contains 20 Slide and Lock mixing tips for Fuji Ortho. The Fuji ORTHO BAND LC Automix Starter Kit includes 2 Paste pak cartridge 12.9g (7.2m L), 1 GC Paste Pak Dispenser, 20 Mixing Tips, and 1 Mixing Pad.

Features and Benefits

  • Automix System: The products come in an easy-to-use automix system.
  • Light-Curable: They are light-curable which ensures a quick and efficient application process.
  • Adequate Retention: They provide adequate retention and cause less damage after debanding.
  • Fluoride Release: They release fluoride which can help to prevent tooth decay.
  • Moisture Tolerant: They are moisture tolerant which makes them suitable for various conditions.
  • Easier Clean-Up: They allow for easier clean-up after use.

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