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Introducing GC Fuji TRIAGE, a groundbreaking glass ionomer sealant and surface protectant that works effectively even in a moist field. This product eliminates the need for isolation or a bonding agent. It's designed to alleviate concerns about sealing over immature enamel or non-cavitated lesions. The high fluoride-releasing, self-bonding feature of GC Fuji TRIAGE forms a robust, acid-resistant fused layer. The product line includes TRIAGE White for fully erupted teeth and TRIAGE Pink, which provides a visual indicator perfect for newly erupted molars.

Features and Benefits

  • Seals and safeguards tooth enamel
  • Offers six times more fluoride than other sealants
  • Continuously releases fluoride for up to 24 months

Starter Kit: 50 Capsules (0.30 g Powder, 0.12 ml Liquid per Capsule), Cavity Conditioner, Coat LC, Capsule Applier III

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