GLAS Base Cement Introductory Kit

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GlasIonomer Base Cement is a superior dental material with remarkable compressive strength, specially designed to serve as a reliable replacement for damaged dentin. Its unique formulation ensures optimal support and protection for stress-bearing amalgam, composite, and porcelain restorations. Dentists highly recommend GlasIonomer as an indispensable base cement, as it offers exceptional durability and longevity, allowing for stable and long-lasting dental restorations. With GlasIonomer Base Cement, patients can expect reliable and robust support for their dental restorations, ensuring both functional and aesthetic success.

  • Impressive compressive strength of 147 MPa
  • Significant fluoride release, reducing the risk of secondary caries
  • Radiopaque properties for easy identification on X-rays
  • Exceptionally low solubility, ensuring long-lasting durability
  • Effortless mixing and handling for convenient application
  • Biocompatible formulation that chemically bonds to both dentin and enamel
  • Specifically suitable for pediatric cases, offering temporary cusp replacement


    Contains: 1 (15 g) yellow powder, 1 (5 ml) liquid, mixing pad, 1 dispenser,1 spatula and instructions
    Package Quantity: 1/Pkg


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