GlasIonomer Base Cement

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GlasIonomer® Base Cement is a cutting-edge dental cement with exceptional compressive strength, specially developed to effectively replace damaged dentin. This remarkable material serves as a supportive and protective base, offering reliable reinforcement for stress-bearing dental restorations such as amalgam, composite, and porcelain. Dentists highly recommend GlasIonomer® for its superior qualities in providing stability and safeguarding the integrity of these restorations. With its precise formulation and advanced properties, GlasIonomer® Base Cement ensures optimal support and protection, guaranteeing long-lasting and successful dental treatments.

  • Remarkable fluoride release, significantly reducing the risk of secondary caries
  • Radiopaque properties allow for easy identification on X-rays, aiding in accurate diagnosis
  • Demonstrates exceptional low solubility, ensuring long-lasting stability and durability
  • Biocompatible formulation that chemically bonds securely to both dentin and enamel, promoting optimal adhesion
  • Specifically designed for pediatric cases, providing an ideal solution for temporary cusp replacement in children's dentistry
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