GlassFill - Universal Shade

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GlassFill: Versatile Cavity Restorative Solution!

Discover the versatility of Pulpdent's GlassFill, an exceptional choice for restoring cervical erosion areas, root caries, Class III & V cavities, fissure filling, and deciduous teeth restoration. With its index of refraction matching that of tooth structure, GlassFill effectively eliminates the unwanted shine-through or matte-white effect. 

GlassFill - Universal Shade 30 gm Powder, 15 mL liquid, scoop, mixing pad


  • Restores erosions, root caries, and Class III/V cavities.
  • Seals fissures and restores deciduous teeth.
  • Compatible with composite overlay and "sandwich" technique.
  • Offers universal tooth shade and high compressive strength.
  • Sets quickly and can be acid etched.
  • Versatile application options for efficient dental procedures.


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