GlassLine Kit

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GlassLine: Radiopaque Liner for Enhanced Restorations!

Experience the ideal radiopaque liner with Pulpdent's GlassLine, designed for use under various dental restoratives. This versatile liner bonds effectively to dentin, minimizing microleakage and fluid percolation. Furthermore, GlassLine releases beneficial fluoride ions for added protection. Its multi-functional properties extend to serving as a post cement and orthodontic band cement. Elevate your dental procedures with GlassLine for enhanced restorations and improved patient outcomes.

GlassLine Kit 30 gm Powder, 15 mL liquid, scoop, mixing pad


  • Thin liner for Class III & V restorations.
  • Suitable for shallow Class I & II composites and amalgams.
  • Ideal for cervical erosion.
  • Used for post cementation.
  • Radiopaque crown and bridge cement.
  • Compressive strength: 14,500 psi.


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