Glyde File Prep

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Glyde File Prep Root Canal Conditioner

About Glyde File Prep Root Canal Conditioner

Glyde File Prep Root Canal Conditioner is a valuable tool in endodontic procedures. It serves as both a chelating agent and lubricant, aiding in the softening of calcifications and facilitating the cleansing of the root canal. This solution contains Glycerine, Carbamide Peroxide 10%, and EDTA 15%.

Kit Contents:

  • Syringe Kit: 5 x 3 ml Syringes, 50 Disposable Tips

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces the Risks of Instrument Fracture: Acts as a lubricant, reducing the likelihood of instrument fracture during root canal procedures.
  • Flushes Out Debris: Helps effectively flush out debris from the root canal.
  • Smear Layer Removal: EDTA in the solution helps keep canal walls free of the smear layer, aiding in the cleaning process.
  • Chemical Smear Layer Removal: The Carbamide Peroxide component chemically cleans and removes the smear layer, enhancing the root canal preparation.

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