Green Mousse

ParkellSKU: S455

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Parkell's Green-Mousse is a bite registration material made of vinyl polysiloxane. This material is highly precise and maintains its shape without slumping. It is designed with a 60-durometer for enhanced flexibility. Green-Mousse is a versatile product that can accommodate both traditional bite registration methods and contemporary digital impressions. The kit includes 2 x 50 ml split cartridges and 10 mix tips.

Features and Benefits

  • Split cartridge style for easy use.
  • Quick 2-minute setting time.
  • Reliable, fluffy consistency that doesn't slump (thixotropic).
  • More flexible than the Classic Blu-Mousse®.
  • Suitable for a range of applications, from conventional bite registration techniques to modern-day digital impressions.

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