Greenie® Polishers – FG, Polishing, 72/Pkg

ShofuSKU: H414

Sale price$180.90


Elevate your polishing game with Shofu's Brownie®, Greenie®, and Supergreenie® silicone polishers. These versatile tools are designed for use on precious metals and amalgam. Utilize the Brownies for achieving a flawlessly smooth surface, Greenies for a stunning lustrous polish, and Supergreenies for an exceptional super-polish. Trust in the proven effectiveness of Shofu's silicone polishers to bring brilliance to your dental restorations.

  • These polishers are expertly crafted with high-quality abrasives embedded within the silicone material, ensuring consistent and effective polishing results.
  • Utilize the Brownies for precise pre-polishing, the Greenies for achieving a brilliant polish, and the Supergreenies for an exceptional super-polish.
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of materials, including amalgams, precious alloys, and nonprecious alloys, these polishers provide versatility and reliability in dental restorations.
  • Trust in Shofu's silicone polishers to deliver superior outcomes and shine.


Color: Dark Green
ISO#: 030
Package Quantity: 72/Pkg
Shank: FG
Shank Size/Type: Regular
Shape: Mini-Point
Size Number: H414-FG
Type: Polishing

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