GuttaFlow 2

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Gutta Flow 2 represents an innovative root canal filling system that ingeniously combines two essential components into a single solution: finely powdered gutta-percha with particle sizes less than 30 µm and a sealer. This unique filling system is designed for use with cold, free-flowing gutta-percha, offering an advancement over the original Gutta Flow material in capsules while maintaining the same excellent material properties.

Standard Kit Includes: 5 ml Dual Barrel Syringe, 12 Mix Tips

Intro Kit Includes: 20 Guttaflow2 Caps, 100 Retention Points ISO 3-60, 60 Gutta Percha Points Greater Taper .04 20-45

Features and Benefits

  • Provides maximum sealing quality for effective root canal treatments.
  • Offers excellent radiopacity for clear visibility during procedures.
  • Consists of a polydimethylsiloxane matrix, enhancing its material performance.

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