Hanel Shimstock Foil

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Coltene/Whaledent HANEL Shimstock-Foil is a specialized metal foil designed for precise occlusion checks in dental procedures. Unlike foils with color coatings, this foil is without any color, allowing for a clear and accurate assessment of tooth contacts and occlusion. It can be easily manipulated and pulled through ground-in contacts when the teeth are in normal occlusion. Additionally, if there is muscle tonus present, the foil will provide resistance, helping dental professionals identify and assess occlusal issues with precision.

Features and Benefits

  • Precise Check: The foil is ideal for conducting precise occlusion checks, ensuring accurate evaluation of tooth contacts.
  • Metal without Color Coating: The absence of a color coating on the foil provides a clear view of occlusal details and allows for reliable assessments.

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