Harmony Curettes

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Introducing Harmony Scalers and Curettes, the epitome of precision and comfort in dental care. Powered by True Fit Technology, these instruments are designed with an optimized handle shape featuring a double helix grip. This unique design significantly reduces pinch force by up to 65% compared to other leading scaler designs, offering a more comfortable and efficient experience for dental professionals.

Features and Benefits

  • True Fit Technology: An advanced sensor-based system that ensures a secure and nimble grasp.
  • Reduced Pinch Force: The unique handle design reduces pinch force by up to 65%, providing a more comfortable grip compared to other leading scaler designs.
  • Ever Edge 2.0 Working Ends: These ends are 72% sharper than those of the next leading competitor, enabling efficient removal of calculus with less pressure applied to the tooth.
  • Precision Manufacturing Process: This process, combined with True Fit Technology, results in perfectly balanced metal handles with optimal proportions and ideal widths, potentially alleviating hand fatigue and reducing the risk of injury from repetitive motions.
  • Organic Round Handle Shape: The handle features a smooth transition to the functional shank, enhancing grip comfort and control.

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