HP CERAMISTE Mounted Polishers

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Achieve flawless finishes with Ceramisté Polishers, expertly crafted for the precise polishing of porcelains and enamel. Experience unrivaled control and finesse with Ceramisté Soft, meticulously designed to contour and polish porcelain veneers, inlays, and onlays in the laboratory. Elevate your dental restorations to the pinnacle of perfection with the unmatched performance and reliability of Ceramisté Polishers.

  • Silicon carbide impregnated polishers: The polishers are infused with silicon carbide, a hard and abrasive material, which enhances their effectiveness in smoothing and polishing surfaces.
  • Three-step system: The product follows a three-step process, ensuring a comprehensive polishing procedure that maximizes the quality of the final result.
  • Ceramisté Soft PA: This specific polisher variant is designed for smoothing rough surfaces, allowing for efficient removal of imperfections and creating a smooth finish.
  • Ceramisté Soft PB: This polisher variant is specially formulated for fragile porcelain margins, providing a gentle yet effective polishing action that minimizes the risk of damage or chipping.

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