HP Ceramiste Polishers

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Crafted with unrivaled precision and expertise, these polishers are specifically designed to take your porcelain and enamel polishing to new heights of perfection. Say goodbye to lackluster results and welcome the brilliance and radiance that CeraMisté Polishers bring to your work.

Experience the transformative power of CeraMisté Polishers. From intricately detailed porcelain restorations to the smoothest enamel surfaces, these polishers effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your dental work. Witness the remarkable transformation as these polishers reveal the true beauty of porcelains and enamel, leaving patients awestruck and your reputation soaring.

Features and Benefits

  • Silicon carbide impregnated polishers for exceptional polishing performance
  • Comprehensive 3-Step System: Set, Retouch, Adjust for a complete restoration process
  • Specifically indicated for porcelains and enamel, ensuring optimal results in these materials
  • Ceramisté Standard (no band) for precise setting, retouching, and adjustments
  • Ceramisté Ultra (yellow band) for achieving a brilliant polish and enhancing natural aesthetics
  • Ceramisté Ultra II (white band) for super-polishing, creating an impeccable mirror-like finish

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