HVEsolo Disposable Evacuation Tips

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The HVEsolo Disposable Evacuation Tips from Palmero are specially crafted for clinicians who perform power instrumentation procedures such as air polishing or ultrasonic procedures without an assistant. These tips are designed to minimize aerosol contamination and effectively remove fluid and debris from the oral cavity. The short, lightweight shaft (2.5" length) reduces tension/drag from the hose, enabling a more neutral wrist position for the clinician. The unique three-vent design and smooth round edges gently retract the patient's lip/cheek and protect soft tissues to maximize comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows for single-handed evacuation of fluids, debris, and contaminated aerosols from the treatment site
  • Short 2.5” length, lightweight shaft suitable for solo practitioner use of high-volume evacuation (HVE) in non-dominant hand
  • Proper venting and a wide scoop tip design maximize suction
  • Lightweight design enables the clinician to easily guide evacuation along with powered instrumentation throughout the mouth
  • Beveled interface smoothly inserts into standard HVE adaptors, making it compatible with high volume evacuation lines

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