Hy-Bond Zinc Phosphate Cement Kit

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Hy-Bond® Zinc Phosphate Cement, an exceptional dental adhesive, goes beyond its primary function of seating permanent prostheses. Its innovative formulation not only ensures a reliable bond, but also works diligently to seal dentinal tubules, significantly reducing the occurrence of post-operative sensitivity and enhancing patient comfort. With the added advantage of direct application to prepared dentinal tissue, Hy-Bond® Zinc Phosphate Cement empowers dental professionals to achieve precise and efficient restorative procedures, while prioritizing patient well-being and long-term satisfaction.

  • Remarkably thin film thickness of 25 µm ensures optimal fit and minimal interference with the patient's bite.
  • Enriched with tannin fluoride, the cement offers added protection against dental caries and promotes long-term oral health.
  • Boasting a high compressive strength of 98 MPa, it ensures reliable and durable adhesion, ensuring the longevity of restorations.
  • Radiopaque properties of the cement enable easy identification during X-rays, facilitating accurate diagnosis and monitoring.
  • With its unique ability to neutralize the harshness of phosphoric acid, the cement minimizes potential discomfort for patients during the application process.


Contains: 1 (60 g) powder, 1 (25 ml) liquid, 1 dispenser, 1 spatula and instructions
Package Quantity: 1/Pkg

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