Hybrid Points® T&F Diamond Burs – FG, Extra Fine, Yellow, 1/Pkg

ShofuSKU: 0925-1

Sale price$11.45


Achieve flawless results with ease as T&F Hybrid™ Points effortlessly trim and finish composites, porcelains, and enamel. Their ultra-fine diamond composition guarantees precise and efficient trimming for your dental restorations. Upgrade your practice with T&F Hybrid™ Points today and unlock a new level of trimming and finishing excellence. Embrace the power of durability and precision in one high-converting package.

  • Cuts like a 12-blade carbide bur: T&F Hybrid™ Points from Shofu deliver cutting performance comparable to a 12-blade carbide bur. Experience the efficiency and precision of these points as they effortlessly trim and shape dental materials, ensuring precise and accurate results.

  • Friction grip (FG): Designed with a friction grip (FG) mechanism, T&F Hybrid™ Points provide a secure and reliable attachment to your dental handpiece. This ensures optimal control and stability during trimming and finishing procedures, allowing for smooth and precise movements.

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