iMatrix Sectional Matrix System

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The i Matrix Sectional Matrix System is available in three configurations: a starter kit (which includes instruments), an intro kit (for those who already possess instruments from Palodent or Garrison Dental), and a refill kit. The starter kit comprises matrix ring placement forceps, tweezers, two matrix rings, 3D matrix bands, and interproximal wedges. The i Matrix Sectional Matrix System Starter Kit contains: one black standard ring, one grey narrow ring, one pair of forceps, one tweezer, 35 yellow small wedges, 35 blue medium wedges, 35 orange large wedges, 35 matrices of each size (3.5 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, and 6.5 mm).

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers optimal tooth separation force through Ni Ti rings
  • Designed for easy stacking of multiple retainer rings
  • Guiding rails on tines align with wedge profiles for better insertion
  • Two rings: standard for large teeth and narrow for small teeth
  • Remains secure on the teeth and is stackable
  • Retainer rings are autoclavable

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