ImplaKlean Implant Scaler

Pac-Dent, Inc.SKU: 168-02

Sale price$60.39


Impla Klean scalers are specifically engineered to meet the demands of dental implant maintenance. These scalers are constructed from a high-quality, autoclavable, carbon-reinforced resin. The exceptional rigidity of the material allows for conventional resharpening. The unique resin ensures that the surfaces of the abutments remain unscratched. The handles are designed with ergonomics in mind and come with a pair of color-coded silicone grips for comfortable handling and easy identification. The Intro Pack includes 4R/4L, H6/H7, 204S, LG 1/2, and BH 5/6.

Features and Benefits

  • Autoclavable due to dry heat resistance
  • Made from carbon-reinforced resin
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Resin material prevents scratching of abutment surfaces
  • Color-coded silicone grips for comfort and easy identification

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