Infinity Series Thin Ortho Cassette


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The Infinity Series Thin Ortho Cassettes are crafted from durable, low-maintenance stainless steel. They feature soft, colored silicone rails that securely hold instruments throughout the processing cycle. Hu-Friedy's Instrument Management System (IMS) is designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability in your practice while improving safety and compliance. The cassettes come in two sizes: Large, which holds 7 pliers and 4 hand instruments with dimensions of 8" x 11" x 0.75", and Small, which holds 4 pliers and 3 hand instruments with dimensions of 7" x 8" x 0.75".

Features and Benefits

  • The ergonomic latch design allows for one-handed opening in most designs.
  • Visual confirmation is provided to indicate whether the cassette is locked or unlocked.
  • The open hole pattern increases access to instruments during cleaning and sterilization.
  • The innovative rail system reduces instrument contact, ensuring their longevity.

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