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The i SD900, a cordless screwdriver developed by NSK, is equipped with a Torque Calibration System (TCS) specifically designed for prosthodontic screw fixing procedures. The unique NSK torque calibration system ensures precise torque control and is extremely user-friendly. The i SD900 contributes to time efficiency and allows for precise, risk-free tightening of screws. Clinicians can rely on the i SD900 for safety and productivity. The i SD900 Motor set includes the i SD-HP, a Quick Charger for the i SD900, a Torque Calibrator, and an On/Off Switch Lever.

Features and Benefits

  • The TCS facilitates easy calibration within seconds, ensuring precise torque and peace of mind.
  • Capable of delivering precise torque from 10 to 40 Ncm in 1 or 5 Ncm increments that can be easily set.
  • Enhances visibility and promotes higher quality operations.

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