Isofluid SecureFit Earloop Masks


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Isofluid Earloop w/Secure Fit Mask

The Isofluid Earloop w/Secure Fit mask has a patent-pending design that creates a tight, custom fit for enhanced facial protection. It features a fluid-resistant outer layer and a white, facial tissue inner layer. The mask includes an extra-long, aluminum nose piece.

  • Conforms to any size or shape face
  • Enclosed aluminum strip under the chin
  • Meets En14683 Rating
  • Fluid Resistance - 80mm Hg
  • BFE >98.4% @ 3 Microns
  • PFE=98.5% @ 0.1 Micron
  • Delta P (breathability) <4.0 H2O/cm²
  • Flame Spread Class 1

Please note that the Isofluid Earloop w/Secure Fit mask is not a surgical mask but is designed for general use. It should be used in accordance with all OSHA regulations regarding respiratory protection.

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