Jeltrate Chroma

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Jeltrate Chroma Color-Changing Alginate Impression Material

About Jeltrate Chroma Impression Material

Jeltrate Chroma is a unique color-changing alginate impression material designed to assist during various preparation phases. It undergoes color transitions to indicate different stages of the impression process: fuchsia during mixing, lavender during tray loading and seating, and light blue during setting in the mouth. This innovative product offers a fast setting time of just 2 minutes and maintains dimensional stability for up to five days when stored in a hermetically sealed plastic bag.

Features and Benefits:

  • Color-Changing Formulation: Jeltrate Chroma changes colors to signify different preparation phases, making the process easier to monitor.
  • 5-Day Dimensional Stability: When stored in a hermetically sealed plastic bag, the material remains dimensionally stable for up to five days.
  • 2-Minute Fast Set: Jeltrate Chroma offers a fast setting time of just 2 minutes, saving valuable time during impressions.
  • Nonslumping: The material is designed to resist slumping, ensuring that it maintains its shape during use.
  • Consistent Mix: Jeltrate Chroma provides a consistent mix that results in smooth models.

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