Jeltrate Dustless

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Jeltrate Impression Material

About Jeltrate Impression Material

Jeltrate impression materials are known for their high algin content, which contributes to producing quality impressions while avoiding the excessive flow that can be observed in alginate materials with lower algin content. By eliminating this excessive flow, Jeltrate offers patients a level of comfort not often found in other alginate impression materials.

Available Package:

  • 8 lb. Package: Includes 8 x 1 lb. Pouch, Accessory Pack, and an Empty Canister.

Features and Benefits:

  • Consistent Mix: Jeltrate provides a consistent mix, resulting in very smooth models.
  • High Tear Strength: Its high tear strength allows for easy removal from undercuts without tearing the impression material.
  • Non-Slump Formula: Jeltrate features a non-slump formula that ensures patient comfort during the impression-taking process.

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