Jeltrate Plus

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Jeltrate Plus Antimicrobial Alginate Impression Material

About Jeltrate Plus Impression Material

Jeltrate Plus is a versatile alginate impression material suitable for various dental applications, including the fabrication of casts for most removable partial denture frameworks, mouthguards, and custom trays. This antimicrobial dustless alginate impression material features an increased algin content for enhanced tear strength, resulting in creamier and smoother impressions. It also reduces the presence of microorganisms by up to 99%.

Features and Benefits:

  • Consistent Mix for Very Smooth Models: Jeltrate Plus offers a consistent mix that results in very smooth models, ensuring precise impressions.
  • High Tear Strength: The increased algin content provides high tear strength, making it easy to remove impressions from undercuts without tearing, ensuring accuracy.
  • Non-Slump Formula for Patient Comfort: Jeltrate Plus features a non-slump formula, enhancing patient comfort during impression procedures.
  • Antimicrobial Properties: This material reduces the presence of microorganisms by 99%, contributing to improved infection control.

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