Jet Blue Bite

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Jet Blue Bite is a remarkable bite registration material known for its exceptional qualities. This material offers a smooth, fast, and precise application. With a consistency resembling whipped cream, it effortlessly flows exactly where needed in a predictable quantity, forming an ideal ribbon pattern. Jet Blue Bite maintains its position without sloping or running and provides ease of closure. Notably, it boasts a rapid oral set time and hardens for unparalleled accuracy while remaining flexible enough for easy trimming.

Single Pack Includes: 50 ml Cartridges, 6 Mix Tips, 6 Spreader Tips

Refill Pack Includes: 4 x 50 ml Cartridges, 12 Mix Tips, 12 Spreader Tips

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth whipped-cream consistency ensures easy and precise application.
  • Thixotrophic properties allow it to flow predictably while maintaining stability.
  • Offers the perfect balance between work time and oral set time.
  • Rigid when set for superior accuracy during bite registration.
  • Remains flexible for convenient post-set trimming.


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