JoyFil Nano Hybrid Universal Composite (Refill Compules )

3D DentalSKU: JFN-CA1

Sale price$41.50


Joy-Fil: Elevating Dental Artistry to New Heights

Joy-Fil brings unparalleled value to every Dentist with its unique resin composite technology, incorporating the most advanced Nano filler elements. This 4.5-star rated and tested product provides stunning esthetics at an incredible price. It is available in refills, syringes, and capsules, catering to the diverse needs of Dentists. Joy-Fil's adaptability to cavity preparations and its supple placement make it a standout choice. It can be easily contoured before curing and offers the perfect degree of stickiness. Moreover, it polishes and finishes to a high luster while also releasing fluoride.


  • 4.5-star rated and tested product

Product Details:

  • Packaging:  20/Box

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