K-Type File 21 mm, 25 mm, 31 mm

Dentsply SironaSKU: 671000

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Maillefer K-File

About Maillefer K-File

The Maillefer K-File has established itself as an industry standard, known for its exceptional cutting efficiency and precise handling. This dental tool features a twisted design and is manufactured from a square blank, contributing to its high performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior Cutting Efficiency: The Maillefer K-File is designed for superior cutting efficiency, ensuring effective dental procedures.
  • Precision Handling: This file provides precision handling, allowing for accurate and controlled use.
  • Twisted Design: Its twisted design enhances its functionality in dental applications.
  • Manufactured from Square Blank: It is manufactured from a square blank, contributing to its durability and performance.
  • ISO Color Coding: The K-File follows ISO color coding standards, making it easy to identify and select the right tool for the task.
  • Silicone Stops Included: Silicone stops are included with the K-File for added convenience and versatility in dental procedures.

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