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KALORE, a product of revolutionary monomer technology from Du Pont, is a composite that boasts the lowest shrinkage stress among leading composites. This is achieved by combining this innovative technology with unique, patented high-density radiopaque fillers. The result is a product that offers exceptional handling, stunning aesthetics, and lasting durability. The control is truly back in your hands. The Syringe Trial Kit includes a 4 g syringe each of A1, A2, BW. The Unitip Trial Kit contains 50 x 0.16 ml unitips (20 of A1, 20 of A2 and 10 of BW).

Features and Benefits

  • Superior handling characteristics that are non-sticky and non-slumping.
  • Easy to polish to a high gloss for a sustained luster.
  • Excellent durability with less shrinkage stress for long-lasting results.
  • Free from bis-GMA, making it a safer choice for dental procedures.

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