Lab Air-Z Handpiece Chuck

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  • High-performance air turbine handpiece: The Lab Air-Z High Speed Handpiece Turbine Cartridges are specifically designed for high-performance applications. Experience superior cutting and drilling capabilities with our advanced turbine technology, allowing you to achieve precise results with ease.

  • Lightweight, well-balanced construction: Lab Air-Z cartridges are crafted with a focus on ergonomics, providing a lightweight and well-balanced design. This ensures optimal maneuverability and control, reducing hand and wrist fatigue during extended procedures.

  • Whisper quiet running: Say goodbye to noisy distractions in your dental practice. Lab Air-Z cartridges operate with whisper quiet precision, creating a calm and comfortable environment for both you and your patients. Focus on your work without unnecessary noise disruptions.

  • Maintains high torque at speeds up to 360,000 rpm: Lab Air-Z cartridges deliver consistent power and torque even at high speeds. With exceptional torque maintenance capabilities, you can rely on steady and reliable performance throughout various procedures, allowing for efficient and accurate dental work.


For Use With: Air-Z High Speed Turbines
Manufacturer Name: Shofu Dental Corp
Material: Metal
Package Quantity: 1/Pkg

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