Lightspeed LSX - 50 mm

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Light Speed LSX Spade Blade

The unique LSX "Spade Blade" cuts only where you need to cut. It thoroughly cleans all walls of the apical third without unnecessarily removing root structure coronally or in the mid-root, which can weaken the tooth. Plus, the stamping process that creates the LSX spade blade greatly reduces the imperfections that result from the grinding process. The two-blade design cuts more conservatively and efficiently, while providing unparalleled tactile feedback. For doctors concerned about instrument breakage, Light Speed LSX is the answer. When extreme force and torque are exerted onto these instruments, they are designed to separate at the handle instead of at the tip, greatly reducing the risk of irretrievable separation. These files have clearly marked length rings that allow you to eliminate rubber stops.

The features and benefits of Light Speed LSX Spade Blade are:

  • Variety of sizes
  • Stamped 2-blade design
  • Designed to separate at handle
  • Accurate gauging of apical 3rd
  • Excellent tactile feedback

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