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Pulpdent's Lime-Lite Enhanced, the advanced moisture-tolerant cavity liner and base that combines the benefits of light curing, radiopacity, and self-adhesive properties. It not only provides a protective barrier but also releases essential calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions for improved oral health. Specifically formulated to complement adhesives, composites, and conventional restorative materials, Lime-Lite Enhanced is a versatile solution for your dental needs.

  • LLE: Lime-Lite Enhanced Kit Includes: 4 x 1.2 mL/2 gm syringes + 20 applicator tips
  • LLE3: Lime-Lite Enhanced 3 mL/5 gm syringe + 20 applicator tips


  • Free from any BPA derivatives.
  • Bis-GMA-Free
  • Bisphenol-Free
  • Sensitivity-Free

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