Luxating Hybrid Elevators


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Hu-Friedy presents the Luxating Hybrid Elevators, a product line meticulously designed to enhance your dental procedures. The elevators are equipped with thin, sharply angled tips and a large diameter handle, ensuring improved apical and interproximal access. This design facilitates better oral adaptation and aids in preserving the buccal plate by effectively severing the periodontal ligaments during atraumatic extractions.

Features and Benefits

  • The Luxating Hybrid Kit includes a Signature Series 8 Instrument Cassette, 7 Luxating Hybrids (Straight Spade, Small Straight, Small Curved, Small Distal, Small Mesial, Large Distal, Large Mesial), and a Cylindrical Ceramic Sharpening Stone (Fine Grit).
  • The thin and sharp edges of the elevators are ideal for cutting periodontal ligaments.

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