MonoCem™ Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

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Unmatched Convenience and Bonding Power: Say goodbye to complicated cementation procedures. MonoCem® combines the convenience of a self-adhesive cement with the superior bonding strength of resin. Experience effortless application and secure, long-lasting bonds that will impress your patients and increase conversion rates.
Enhanced Protection and Longevity: MonoCem® goes beyond mere cementation. With the added benefit of fluoride, it provides an extra layer of protection against decay and sensitivity. Your patients will appreciate the comprehensive care and trust in the durability of their restorations, resulting in higher patient satisfaction and referrals.

  • 3 minute setting time
  • Bonds to all substrates with high retention values
  • Eliminates sensitivity and has high fluoride release
  • Moisture tolerant and two second tack cure for easy cleanup
  • Dual cure
  • 100% polymerization
  • 12 micron film thickness

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